The condition of your roof has a direct impact on your quality of life and the overall value of your home.

Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. If a leaky or unsound roof is ignored, serious problems are sure to develop. Do the smart thing and call the roofing experts at J.W. Bills & Sons today.


We offer unparalleled quality, reliability and hard work to ensure 100% satisfaction on each and every job.

The professionals at J.W. Bills & Sons have been providing quality, comprehensive roofing service to customers in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas for over 20 years and during that time have developed a reputation as experts in our industry.

We also provide restoration and historic preservation services for any structure – barn or backhouse, stately colonial or small cape.

If you want to restore, renovate, remodel, repair or fix up your old house or historic home, check with us. We also offer old house inspections, consulting and education. Our versatile crew undertakes small jobs and multiple-component long term projects.

Remember, maintaining the condition of your home is key to retaining a high property value. Save yourself a bundle in the long run.

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About the Company

James Bills took over the family business, W.J. Bills & Sons, with his brother Dick in 1984 upon his father, Grandon Bills’ retirement. W.J. Bills & Sons was first established by their grandfather, Walter Johnson Bills, in 1935 and was intended to be handed down generation to generation. Unfortunately, in 1994, due to irreconcilable differences between James and Dicky, W.J. Bills & Sons was completely dissolved in court. After this break up, James Bills created his own company, J.W. Bills and Sons, in that same year. Although the company was officially established in 1994, he still maintains the quality, integrity, and skill that was passed down from generation to generation. This makes J.W. Bills & Sons the 3rd generation family run company that has been serving Monmouth County since 1935 as originally intended.

Since the creation of J.W. Bills & Sons, James Bills has only further built upon his already excellent reputation. He has worked on many notable projects including historic homes, churches, and historical sites, some of which have even prompted reporters to showcase his achievements. The culmination of his work has caused J.W. Bills & Sons to be awarded with a lifetime membership in Cambridge Who’s Who. To be a member of this prestigious organization “classifies you as a leader in your field”, and is only awarded to “professionals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation. The registry acknowledges and memorializes (their) accomplishments” (Who’s Who).

About the Owner

James Bills holds the utmost standards in integrity and quality not only in his business and the many excellent jobs he has completed over the years, but in all areas of his life. He has been happily married for over 28 years and is the proud father of 3 beautiful children. The strong work ethic and genuine care for all people that has driven J. W. Bills & Sons to distinction have also been instilled on his children by James and his wife, Grace.

His eldest son, James Jr., also known as Jimmy, is 25 and has decided to work alongside his father. James is taking the same time his father took in teaching his son this unique trade. Prior to receiving superb training from James since the age of 18, Jimmy also attended two years of vocational school specializing in carpentry. Due to all of this Jimmy, in turn, has become a hardworking, dedicated member of the crew and will someday continue the tradition of excellence and become the 4th generation owner.

His only daughter, Melissa, is now 24 and graduated from both Shore Regional High School and the University of North Carolina Wilmington with honors. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Bay Path College. She hopes to eventually obtain a Doctorate in the subject. Although her career choice does not have to do with construction, she has a great love of historical architecture that has been cultivated by her father and plans on renovating her own historic home in the future.

His third child, Walter, is now 6. He was a complete surprise to the Bills family, but welcomed with loving arms. He is already starting to emulate his father and older brother often wanting to go to jobsites with them. Walter has his own tool belt and loves to help out in any way he can. When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Walter proudly stated, “I want to be just like my older brother.” Although still young, his love of the family trade is already evident.

We can do practically anything.

If what you are seeking is not on this list, please give us a call. We can do almost anything and employ only expert craftsmen. If we can’t help you, we can advise you on what to do.


  • Fiberglass/Asphalt Dimentional Shingles
  • Natural Slate Roofing
  • Davinci Slate Roofing
  • Wood Shake Roofing
  • Flat Roofing
  • Standing Seam Copper Roofing
  • Yankee Guttering
  • Yankee Guttering Rebuilding
  • Facia, Soffits, & Rake Boards
  • Problem Solving Roof Leaks
  • Chimney Copper Flashing
  • Steeple Roofing
  • Couplo Design/Building
  • Weather Vanes (Installed)
  • Cedar Siding, Clapboard Siding
  • Exterior Trim Work
  • Fiberglass Decks and Railings
  • Custom Wood Shutters
  • Painting Services

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